Veterans Day

Since we moved to Mongolia, we have been taking an active effort in teaching the kids about the U.S. and its history. After all, the U.S. is our “home” country and although only one-fourth of our family was actually born there, all of us own the same blue passport and we all – more or less (and very much depending on the day for our kids) – identify as Americans. So it’s only natural for the kids to learn about their “home” country while we explore the steppes of Asia. You know, so they don’t get Chinggis Khan and George Washington mixed up all that often (there are similarities you know, for starters they both rode horses and were kind of a big deal…).  Continue reading “Veterans Day”

Fall Break

Fall Winter is surely coming to Mongolia. So much, in fact, that we all needed a break from the busy days of school and relax in UB during the kids’ school break. We opted to stay in the city rather than spend a million of hours on planes trying to get to new destinations (the fun part when you’re living in a remote place) – not to worry, we will have plenty of that ahead of us but this time, we wanted to stay home, go on a few day trips, and spend some time with friends.

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