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My name is Nicole and I blog about our family’s life on the global go. We’re a family of 4 (2 big and 2 little people), all born in different countries trying to sort out where we can feel at “home” (spoiler alert: it’s usually the place with the empty suitcases).

We returned to the US in 2020 (along with everyone else who suddenly had different plans thanks to Covid) – before that we have lived in Taipei, Taiwan; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Vienna, Austria; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Toronto, Canada. 

Parting thoughts:

  • All views and opinions expressed here are strictly mine and typos and other mistakes are placed intentionally for the enjoyment of our readers. Thanks for reading and happy travels!
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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Nicole.
    Thanks for great blog – lots of helpful information and enjoyable reading. We are considering moving to Vienna, so would love to ask you some questions if you have time to email me.

  2. Hello, how exciting! I am curious if you have moved yet as I am also looking at Mongolia as an option to live/ work in. Would love to hear all about how your family is doing there.

  3. Hey Nicole, I’ve decided to write to you because i wanted to share my story. I am a teenager child of a diplomat and i was on the web looking for blogs of other people like me that had no stable home and had to move around a lot, in my case because my dad is the ambassador. I was feeling kind of sad because all of the disadvantages of having to move around but when i came across your blog i remembered what a wonderful life i had exploring the cultures. I swear that the adventure is amazing and your children are going to love it. I wish you all the best in Mongolia and don’t worry its beautiful trust me ive been there. all my luck

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks so much for reading and your note – do you have your own blog in which you talk about all of your travels and adventures? That would be interesting to share. Yes, I am still wondering what my kids will think of this TCK life but so far, so good and it’s encouraging to hear you like this life – although it has some unique challenges. Any tips for Mongolia? 🙂

      1. Hi nicole so nice to hear back from you. Unfortunately i dont have a blog, have to much work at school :). As a matter of fact i dont have some tips. I forgot to mention that i lived in china due to me fathers work. I advise you to learn the language a bit, in order to get around. Respect and be part of the culture there. Dont be afraid to try new thing.I wish you all the best of luck

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