Uganda! Germany! Belgium! What a Summer!!!

(Drum roll….) … it’s time to dust off this old expat/travel blog now that the pandemic has officially ended (ha!) the world has opened up a bit again (hallelujah!) so sit back, grab a beverage, and read on about our … Continue reading Uganda! Germany! Belgium! What a Summer!!!


This past weekend, we headed North (hoping to escape the heat of Vienna which we didn’t!) to visit Legoland in Germany! We met up with old and dear friends (hard to believe we’ve been friends for almost 30 years!) who were able to secure an awesome discount for all of us to visit Legoland and let the kids have the time of their lives! Luca surprised us all by going on ALL the rides that he was allowed on (Germans are pretty strict on that height requirement!) including rollercoasters and huge water slides. Juliana (and our friends’ little girl) took … Continue reading Legoland!

To Germany and back

It’s official – Luca is a world traveler. We returned from our trip to Germany yesterday afternoon and apparently brought the “lovely” cold and rainy weather home with us. The trip was a bit of a whirlwind…we weren’t quite sure if we would actually be able to go as I had unplanned oral surgery the day before we left (let’s just say that excruciating tooth aches are not fun at 2:30am) and Luca’s cough turned worse so we had a few consultations with our pediatrician to rule out pneumonia and other fun medical conditions to “clear” us for flying. In … Continue reading To Germany and back