So long, farewell Vienna

It seems like just yesterday that we stepped off the plane into the Viennese August heat with two toddlers in tow (one of whom barely slept on the flight thanks to Austrian Airlines confiscating our FAA approved car seat since it was not on “their” approved car seat list). But actually, this was 2 years ago – my, how time flies when you’re having fun! And what fun we had. Vienna has been a wonderful home to us. In the past 2 years, the kids have grown to preschoolers and we have enjoyed much of what the city and Austria has … Continue reading So long, farewell Vienna

Parents’ Survival Guide for Vienna, Austria

*note: this post was originally published at for its annual writing contest* Although you may have heard that Austria is not a great place to live with kids because Austrians tend to be “kinder to their dogs than to their own children,” I am here to tell it’s not true. Not true at all. Ok, so maybe some Austrians are a little too lovey-dovey with their dogs and may not absolutely love children (there is always that one grumpy person to give your child a reprimand or that look) but rest assured, Vienna is one of the best places … Continue reading Parents’ Survival Guide for Vienna, Austria

Parents’ Survival Guide for Vienna, Austria (help make me famous!)

I alluded to this post before but what I didn’t mention is that it’s not published here on my blog – nope, I contributed a post to the fabulous website expatsblog‘s annual writing contest! Check it out here and if you like it, don’t forget to vote for it (follow the instructions at the bottom of the page)! Oh, you’re curious about the post? Well, simply said – Vienna, Austria is hands-down fabulous for families – so read on to learn about all  the fun things that await for you and your little ones in Vienna! Continue reading Parents’ Survival Guide for Vienna, Austria (help make me famous!)

So you’re coming to Vienna…

It’s snowing outside. It’s cold. Very cold if you ask my kids who still refuse to have anything to do with snow and I still need to twist their arms so they will finally get on a sled…. but nonetheless spring is (hopefully) right around the corner which also means that our guest bedroom is starting to get booked (last time I checked we were fully booked from March through May). So, rather than write the same email over and over to prepare our visitors, I thought I would share all the information I have here… If I am missing … Continue reading So you’re coming to Vienna…