Go West!

Remember back in March when we spent a bitter cold day outside of UB welcoming the Mongolian/Kazakh eagle hunters to the big city? Well, I said it back then and again over the summer, “wouldn’t it be great to go to the Altai Mountains in the far, far West of Mongolia to see the REAL thing?” I mean, after seeing  videos of the real event, how could I not want to go? Continue reading

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Made in Mongolia

Sure we’ve all heard of “those overseas posts” – you know, the shopping ones. The ones in which expats can’t seem to stop shopping local products.   Continue reading

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Ger Area Tour

This weekend, we welcomed fall temperatures in Mongolia and finally had a chance to go on a “Ger Area Tour.” In case you’re not familiar with UB (and I realise not too many outside of Mongolia are!), urbanisation has also made its way to this sparsely populated country.  Continue reading

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Back to School!

Today, it was (finally) time to kick my kids out the door lovingly wake my children up early and send them off to school. May I present? The first day of Kindergarten and Grade 2! Continue reading

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Wide Open Spaces

Oh do I have a story for you, dear readers: A story of family and friendship. A story of crazy roads and lack thereof, a tale involving far too many bugs (and one snake) and one of horses, sheep, yaks, camels, and goats galore, and a story of wide open spaces.

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