Back to School!

Today, it was (finally) time to kick my kids out the door lovingly wake my children up early and send them off to school. May I present? The first day of Kindergarten and Grade 2! Continue reading

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Wide Open Spaces

Oh do I have a story for you, dear readers: A story of family and friendship. A story of crazy roads and lack thereof, a tale involving far too many bugs (and one snake) and one of horses, sheep, yaks, camels, and goats galore, and a story of wide open spaces.

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A Cup of Culture & A Pinch of Crisis

Many people have been inquiring how we keep busy during the bitter cold winter months …. you know, those days not too long ago where it was an easy -20F outside and the pollution plus cold made outdoor activities a bit less appealing.

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One of the hard things about coming back to the developing world after spending time away in easier and more comfortable places like Europe (although given the news lately, I should probably come up with a better word than “easy”) is the fact that you are coming back to the developing world with all of its challenges, frustrations, and stresses. Continue reading

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Belly laughs in Paris

There comes a time in every expat’s life when you start to question your decision about leaving ‘home’ (however abstract that is of a concept). Perhaps not at first when you still love everything new and are ready for adventure after arriving in a new host country. But then after a while, you slowly start to compare new to the comforts of old (why are people here so nice/rude/rushed/different from what I am used to? Where are my baby carrots that I need for my weekly dose of hummus which I also can’t seem to find?!).

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