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Go West!

Remember back in March when we spent a bitter cold day outside of UB welcoming the Mongolian/Kazakh eagle hunters to the big city? Well, I said it back then and again over the summer, “wouldn’t it be great to go to the Altai Mountains in the far, far West of Mongolia to see the REAL thing?” I mean, after seeing  videos of the real event, how could I not want to go? Continue reading “Go West!”


The Last Hurrah

It’s been a few crazy weeks here between packing out (this is our 8th move in 11 years – yes, we can safely say I have a pretty good packing system at this point) and saying all those heart-wrenching “see you later’s” but nevertheless, we saved some time (and money) for one last hurrah – our final road trip to explore Mongolia.

Continue reading “The Last Hurrah”

Weather & the South Island

On Christmas Day we headed further South making our way to Queenstown and then directly onto the small town of Wanaka which is just a beautiful one-hour drive from the airport. Yes, the roads are curvy (hello mountains – we’ll get to that later) but the views were nothing short of amazing. In fact, it seems like the entire South Island is post card material when the weather cooperates (if it doesn’t …. well, that’s another story – again, we’ll get to that later). The blue hues of the water, the mountain backdrops, the lush green of pastures, the charm of small towns – it is literally just how you picture it. Continue reading “Weather & the South Island”