Trip of Ancient Civilizations

I turned 40 the other day (I know! I don’t look a day older than 20, right?!) and if that’s not reason enough to celebrate by traveling halfway/ish around the world (let’s be honest, pretty much anywhere away from Mongolia is about halfway around the world), then I don’t know what is.

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Our big, fat Crete vacation

So earlier this year after getting short-changed on much needed Tuscan sun, we decided to see if the weather gods could bring us one sunny and warm vacation this year (well, in addition to this ┬ábeach outing!). After searching the Internet for warm fall destinations and ruling out crazily expensive options, we settled on Crete since we had never been to Greece and all of us love Greek food. And what a vacation it was. Crete literally opened itself up to welcome us (seriously, there was a 6.4 earthquake on the west coast of the island the day we arrived; … Continue reading Our big, fat Crete vacation