Another spring break = another adventure

Yes, my dear readers…. it seems as if I’ve taken a hiatus from this blog.

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Trip of Ancient Civilizations

I turned 40 the other day (I know! I don’t look a day older than 20, right?!) and if that’s not reason enough to celebrate by traveling halfway/ish around the world (let’s be honest, pretty much anywhere away from Mongolia is about halfway around the world), then I don’t know what is.

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Weather & the South Island

On Christmas Day we headed further South making our way to Queenstown and then directly onto the small town of Wanaka which is just a beautiful one-hour drive from the airport. Yes, the roads are curvy (hello mountains – we’ll get to that later) but the views were nothing short of amazing. In fact, it seems like the entire South Island is post card material when the weather cooperates (if it doesn’t …. well, that’s another story – again, we’ll get to that later). The blue hues of the water, the mountain backdrops, the lush green of pastures, the charm of small towns – it is literally just how you picture it. Continue reading “Weather & the South Island”