Czech’ing out Prague

We spent the past few, sunny and lovely spring days “czech’ing” out Prague. I mean, how could we not? It’s an easy drive from Vienna although a word of caution, if you do drive, make sure to take the route through Brno and not follow the signs for “Praha” from the Vienna highways unless you are keen on exploring small Czech villages and country roads and being stuck behind trucks. In any case, we made it! What did we do? Czech out this lovely place, of course! We also toured the Castle District – Juliana was searching high and low for that … Continue reading Czech’ing out Prague

Another long weekend means another road trip!

This past Labor Day weekend we, yet again, packed up the car and kids and headed out of town. We spent a night in the quiet and beautiful Czech town of Olomouc where we hopelessly wandered the streets searching high and low for that perfect beer garden that our travel guide recommended. It turns out it was a mere 5-minute walk from our hotel had we just turned left instead of right, oh well – that gave us more time to explore the beautiful downtown. On that note, dear people of the Czech Republic, it might  help tourists navigate your … Continue reading Another long weekend means another road trip!

Bohemian Beer (with a big helping of whine!)

This past weekend, we took to the road once again, this time heading to the Czech Republic, into the heart of Bohemia, to a small little city called “ČeskýKrumlov” (please don’t make me pronounce it!). We expected a fun time (don’t we always have that on family trips?), cooperative kids (because they always travel so well!), and lots of Czech food and beer. Well, we had lots of good food and lots of fresh Bohemian beer….on the other front, well, not so much. I guess it was partially our fault as we knew this was going to be a hilly … Continue reading Bohemian Beer (with a big helping of whine!)