Another road trip to Slovenia

This past weekend, we (again) headed South to Slovenia, this time fully enjoying warm and sunny weather and only a sprinkle of rain (a nice and welcome change from our last visit to Slovenia). Our destination this time was the beautiful coastal town of Piran, about a 5-hour drive from Vienna [read more about our travels to Slovenia here and check the new RSS feed on the right here → for my posts on our community website). I’ll let the pictures do the talking! And, it would have been any old beach vacation if it hadn’t been for this …. our … Continue reading Another road trip to Slovenia

European vacation!

While Central Europe has been flooding, we packed up the kids and took to the road (very much traveled). For two weeks, our European road-trip extravaganza brought us to countless cities in two beautiful countries: Slovenia and Italy. Before we dive into recap mode, here’s a few quotes that more or less described our adventures: “Fish are friends, not food” – a recurring we were told by the kids as they watched Nemo over and over again. Me: “Just how many pizzas did the kids eat this week?” Waitress: “And now I give your children lollipops, yes?” John (serious): “We … Continue reading European vacation!